Tatsuhiko Okumoto

After graduating high school, I joined the Okayama Fire Department and trained for firefighting and relief operations. I eventually won the Fire Station Bureau Firefighting and Relief Technology Conference championship, the Okayama Municipal Fire Department Annual Performance (MVP) award, during the Okayama Prefecture Convention/Championship.
To chase my dream of becoming a professional wrestler, I quit my job at the age of 24 and enrolled at Nihon University of Public Welfare. While studying at the university, I won the West Japan University Wrestling Championship and have achieved the Certified Financial Planner. I became an intern via TOBITATE (Leap for Tomorrow) JAPAN in a Financial Planning Company in the US.
After immigrating to Cambodia in 2016, I saw the challenges in rural towns. It made me want to challenge these towns through integrating Cambodia education and employment, as well as, improvement of financial and emergency medical care, etc.

ZAP Zeal Aspiration Partner Co., Ltd.
YouArt Academy

Education for children and employment for Adults.

What image do see if you hear Cambodia? When I first came to Cambodia, it was a big shock. I thought Cambodia was a developing country, but after seeing Phnom Penh which is full of luxury cars and skyscrapers, it felt like I was back in my hometown in Akayama, a big city. However, the actual situation was not so. While visiting one of the clinics in the rural area, there were a lot of people waiting around who cannot receive treatment. Same is true in one of the district hospitals. I asked my self why is this happening? I found 3 reasons.

1. There are not enough doctors to cater to every patient’s needs.
2. Most doctors are underqualified
3. Last but not the least, most people do not have enough to handle the expenses for medical care.

Most Doctors and Nurses are not versed in applying first aid measures. I have worked as rescuer, part of a special rescue team, for 6 years, so I immediately began teaching first aid techniques to nurses and doctors as a volunteer.

However, the next issue came up quickly. How can I solve poverty?
Why is this happening?
The only reason that I can see is that, there is little money circulating in the rural society. Their produce is mostly used for sustenance and a little part of it is being used for income.

People in the rural areas practice mainly a self-sufficient lifestyle, normally, if you have excess in produce you sell it for income. However, I do not deny this traditional lifestyle. The use of modern and mechanized practices in agriculture plus the risk of injury increases ever year, people in the rural area are facing a problem with regards to income. As the borders around Cambodia are not always secured, people can easily exit and enter the country, this increases the risk of disease spreading. This increases the requirement of having money for medical expenses. By creating career opportunities, you give chance to farmers living in the rural are to increase their income and thus giving opportunities to their children, both in education and healthcare.

If you do not have enough income, necessities such as, medical care and education are overlooked. If can create opportunities, via jobs, we can save people. By providing adequate educational opportunities, we can give choices to the children of Cambodia.

Since I worked as a firefighter, I always have the urge to protect life. I think this is the same wherever I go, I want to apply this urge when establishing a business.

Education for children and employment for adults.

To care for and protect lives, ZAP will continue to face these challenges with all our strength today and tomorrow.

President and Representative Director Tatsuhiko Okumoto

Experience Specialist

Choeun Van


Southeast Asia Young Entrepreneur Gran Prix Champion winner. Won numerous study abroad programs and scholarships and as studied in the US, Singapore, Australia, etc. Taking advantage of his tour guide experience, Chuen can support guests and identify their needs, making sure that they have the best experience.




Worked in the BPO industry with a 10-year experience as a Customer/Technical Support in the IT field. Aside from being able to handle customer requests and complaints, he is also able to handle technical issues that the guests may encounter, thus, saving time and increasing customer satisfaction.

HR Manger

Rani Laau


She was born Cambodia, but of heritage. Fluent in English, Chinese and Khmer. Has won several scholarships and graduated from two universities. She handles all correspondence with Chinese guests.

Technical Support Manager

Sothea Seng


Passed the exchange student selection test of the University of the Philippines and has studied in academic and international relations department for 6 months. Aside from working for ZAP Sothea is also active in several NGOs.
For the first time Cambodia, we can make something that will make the world private residence rental exciting.